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Industrial partners

Industrial partners
Industrial partners

Climate change

Two third of all CO2 emissions are caused by operations companies and the use of their products.

Civil and workers rights

Accepting different social consensus and not taxing the products made with them led to the uprise of populists.


The pandemic, and then the war, showed how fragile our western fabless production models are.

Manuf. exec

- Opens factory
- Shares pain points
- Welcomes innovation

✅ Get your benchmark
✅ Focus on ouitcomes
✅ Your trusted ally

We have partnered with over 500 industrial companies to build the factory stack for the next generation

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Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath

So what’s a digital diagnostic?

OSS Ventures offers a digital diagnostic to benchmark the maturity of your factory

Ondustry - the first Industrial community in France to help you network and learn from the top 1%

Build the future of manufacturing with us

Build the future of manufacturing with us
Build the future of manufacturing with us