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We draw upon our expertise to attract, invest into and grow the next generation of startups focusing on operations.

We partner with B2B Tech entrepreneurs

Here’s what you need to know about us:

1. Focus on Early stage

We are early stage specialists in B2B Tech. Our incentives are aligned, as we want to be the operational partners with hands-on experience building over 20 startups
For Makers, by Doers.

2. We are different

Be the most helpful people on your cap table by operational helping your startup with our deep hands-on experience from the startup studio

4. We are 100% transparent

Aligned with the values of OSS Ventures, we offer 100% transparency to help you make honest decisions to move the needle forward. We are here for the long haul

Success story

Rafi Wadam
Ex-Financial Analyst at Lufthansa Technik (Los Angeles) and Controller at Beiersdorf (Hamburg) // Co-founder, Stargazr

Bridging Operational and Financial Planning for Enhanced Visibility

“OSS Ventures isn't just an investor for us; they're like the seasoned mentor we didn't know we needed. They've been in the trenches with us, whether it's brainstorming sales strategies, solving tricky tech issues, or fighting out HR questions. What sets them apart is their deep know-how in the manufacturing world, coupled with a great network that's always ready to open doors for us. They're not just pushing us towards our goals; they're walking us step by step, ensuring we are moving towards PMF. For Stargazr, they're more than an investor - they're a crucial part of our team.”

Luc Leroy
Ex-engineering Director, Tesla // Co-Founder, Full Speed Automation

Full Speed Automation, the one hardware + software layer over machines.

“I’ve lived in the US and France. After debottlenecking Tesla’s production, I decided to create something meaningful in operations. We are probably the only company in the world headquartered in San Francisco and Amiens !”

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Build the future of manufacturing with us

Build the future of manufacturing with us
Build the future of manufacturing with us