Why software in operations ?

Bits are the new atom.

Google, Facebook, and Microsoft built their empires with software. 

Operational visionaries like Tesla have proved software brings disproportionate value to industrial operations.

OSS brings this value opportunity to operational companies by building and investing in SaaS.

Operations are sexy again

The brightest tech minds of our time don't want to spend more time coding softwares to optimize how we look at cat pictures on the Internet.

They are socially and environmentally aware and want to have real impact on real people.

OSS mobilizes this generation with entrepreneurship opportunities. 

Open, transparent, simple

Before launching OSS, we were plagued by several questions. Why is software in operations so bad? Why do the users need weeks of training? Why is information hidden behind seven clicks?

We put all these questions aside to focus one guiding principle.

Software should be simple, beautifully designed, easy to use and implement.

Our pride and joy : the portfolio

We start and invest in tech companies.

In less than two years, we created ten companies. These companies have in turn created more than 140 jobs in Europe, and their solutions are on 240 sites.

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What do we do?

Partner with operational companies

OSS is a partner to operational companies.

They share their issues, what they would like to achieve with software, their current digitalization roadmap.

And they welcome startup companies with an open mind. They co-construct with the startups until value is proven and they can see themselves scaling the solution.

Oh, and it's free until it works.

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Bridge the gap

OSS connects operational companies with innovative startups.

Our expertise in industrial operations and software development connects two worlds, technology and manufacturing. 

The result? 

Startups make meaningful change in a dynamic, exciting sector. Operational companies strengthen their digital foundation and improve not only their bottom line, but their operators' daily lives.

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Create startups

OSS is a startup studio.

We hire founders and provide them with a few resources.

Like: our proprietary database of pain points, our network of operational companies willing to co-construct products, a team of 3 to 4 full-time product development, design, tech, and sales experts. Plus funds to get things going. So yeah, those kinds of things.

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What we focus on

User Interactive

Extensive user research ensures a UX enjoyable enough that users actually want to use the software (oh, and they won't need three weeks of training either).

Data Leveraged

Our solutions protect your privacy and empower you with increased access to and analysis of information. We open the data generated for the business to use. No lock-in shenanigans going on there.

Performance Improved

We create and invest in software that significantly and positively changes the daily lives of operators.

We focus on impact created and tangible results.

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How we work

OSS Process

2 weeks

Visit factories

Our team of coders and designers visit factories each week to learn about current painpoints and desired solutions. We gather issues and ideas for solutions factories need.

8 weeks

Identify co-constructors and validate

After seeing the same issue in multiple factories, OSS validates a co-constructing agreement for a solution with multiple factories from different companies. And it's free !

8 weeks

Source the founders and build

OSS recruits founders who are excited by the idea and get to work. In less than six months, we build a solution that satisfies all co-constructors, closely collaborating with users.

8 weeks

Invest in company and build

OSS invests in the newly created company and gets things going, including leveraging existing network and proprietary resources for fundraising, marketing, go-to-market, ...


Animation of the community

OSS regularly checks on the industrial companies to provide continuous support, and animates the community of all the startups, notably by enabling cross-selling.

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200 partners, 25 founders, 1 passion

OSS has built a team of experts in their fields, providing a top-tier support to help founders build a profitable startup. It is an environment where great minds can thrive and succeed

Reda Ouafi

CTO at Juno
Soufiane Lamrissi

OSS Ventures is probably the best startup studio that exists in France. They helped us in absolutely everything, going above and beyond what was required from them. Our startup would probably not be the success it is today without the help of their team

Soufiane Lamrissi

cTo at OPLIT
Pierrick Boisel

Une team incroyable et qui sait de quoi elle parle startup tech & industrie.

Pierrick Boissel

ceo at Niagara

Laser focus startup studio with the appropriate team and knowledge to support us in kickstarting MyC

Benjamin Crevant

CEO at MyC
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Frequently Asked Questions

So are you a fund, a startup studio, an incubator, a consulting firm ?

We are a startup studio. Our only business is launching and investing in fast-growth startups that help operational companies. We do not do any kind of consulting, nor are we tie-wearing bankers. We are not an incubator either, seeing as we don't rent office space to startups to make our living.

What is your link with OPEO ?

OPEO invested at the beginning of OSS history and remains a minority shareholder. We love them because we share the vision, drive and willingness to help European companies.

Do you do hardware ?

No, we don't. We are nerds and therefore love hardware, but we simply do not know how to make hardware work with the pace of iteration needed in our business.

What does OSS mean ? Is it because of OSS 117 ?

OSS means Operations Startup Studio. Yes, it may be linked to OSS 117. But we won't admit anything!

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