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become a founder

become a founder
become a founder

Visit factories

2 weeks

Our team of coders and designers visit factories each week to learn about current painpoints and desired solutions. We gather issues and ideas for solutions factories need.

Identify co-constructors and validate

8 weeks

After seeing the same issue in multiple factories, OSS validates a co-constructing agreement for a solution with multiple factories from different companies. And it's free !

Source the founders and build

8 weeks

OSS recruits founders who are excited by the idea and get to work. In less than six months, we build a solution that satisfies all co-constructors, closely collaborating with users.

Invest in company and build

8 weeks

OSS invests in the newly created company and gets things going, including leveraging existing network and proprietary resources for fundraising, marketing, go-to-market, ...

Animation of the community


OSS regularly checks on the industrial companies to provide continuous support, and animates the community of all the startups, notably by enabling cross-selling.

... And we are humbled with the feedback from our founders

Picture of Luc Leroy, CEO at Full Speed Automation

Luc Leroy

CEO at Full Speed Automation

The whole team at Full Speed Automation is proud to have OSS Ventures as financial and business partners. The support and insights brought by the leading team at OSS over the past few months has just been fantastic!
Picture of Soufiane Lamrissi, CTO at Oplit

Soufiane Lamrissi

CTO, Oplit

OSS Ventures is probably the best startup studio that exists in France. They helped us in absolutely everything, going above and beyond what was required from them. Our startup would probably not be the success it is today without the help of their team
Picture of Laura Joubrel, CEO at TigerX

Laura Joubrel

CEO, TigerX

OSS Ventures is an amazing place to launch a tech start-up serving a bigger purpose: fighting for European industries. It brings a unique combination of SF vibe with boot-on-the-ground knowledge - in addition to great values and fun. 5 stars !
Picture of Reda Ouafi, CTO at Juno

Reda Ouafi

CTO, Juno

OSS has built a team of experts in their fields, providing a top-tier support to help founders build a profitable startup. It is an environment where great minds can thrive and succeed

Cohort process

Build the future of manufacturing with us

Build the future of manufacturing with us
Build the future of manufacturing with us