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So what’s a digidiag?

So what’s a digidiag?
So what’s a digidiag?

For the past 4 years, the OSS Ventures team has extensively assessed the digital readiness of over 1000+ industrial sites in various industries across Europe. From this analysis, they have gained a solid foundation of comparison. Take a look at real-world examples such as Petit Bateau, SAB Group, and Vesuvius to see the impact of this comprehensive evaluation.

Get your digital roadmap evaluated by industry tech professionals today in exchange for access to your shopfloor for budding industrial startups. It's the perfect opportunity to get expert insights into your digital strategy while supporting innovation in the industry.

A day rich in knowledge sharing around Industry 4.0, with 3 highlights:

👉 Interviews with your teams

👉 An observation time, on site, of the daily life of your operational teams

👉 A feedback at the end of the day on your digital maturity, and a restitution in two weeks of the resulting roadmap to allow you to move to action quickly

How does it work?

The digidiag : already over 50 factories benchmarked in all walks of life
Organisation, team selection
One-day on-site with operationals
A benchmark of your digital maturity and road map  associated one week later

We've evaluated the digital capabilities of over a thousand industrial sites across Europe. This comprehensive analysis covers a wide range of sectors and company sizes, enabling us to make meaningful comparisons and draw insightful conclusions.

We map your digital maturity based on our maturity indeix

Maturity 1 -
40% companies
" Everything ERP, we don't go there "

Maturity 2 -
30% companies
"We have to go there"

Maturity 3 -
15% companies
"Early successes"

Maturity 4 -
15% companies
"We can see"

We identify actionable use-cases that can be implemented quickly

We would be very curious to get your feedback on your 4.0 challenges, and share with you our vision of the major trends observed in the field

Build the future of manufacturing with us

Build the future of manufacturing with us
Build the future of manufacturing with us