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Manufacturing order is a materialized or non-materialized document (or set) that allows the manufacture of a precise quantity of a product to be triggered. The manufacturing order contains all the information necessary for the manufacture of the product:some text

  • a unique tracking MO number
  • the designation (article code and/or designation)
  • the "process" i.e. the operating procedure to be followed to produce the article
  • the quantity to be manufactured
  • the planned manufacturing date
  • the launch date
  • the finishing date
  • the status (created, in progress, completed)

A launched production order can lead to the reservation of components in stock and their consumption. The realization of the master production schedule consists of anticipating the production load to be realized, i.e. the quantity to be produced or the volume of MO's and to provide the appropriate production means in return. Scheduling consists of sequencing the launch planning of MO's. Different follow-up sheets can be linked to an MO, such as:some text

  • the process to follow
  • quality control sheets (dimensional measurements in particular)
  • quality alerts and retouching instructions

Build the future of manufacturing with us

Build the future of manufacturing with us
Build the future of manufacturing with us