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Staff Interview - Baptiste Pinard, OSS Ventures Project Manager

Baptiste Pinard, Project Manager for the past year, gives his point of view on what it means to hold that job at OSS Ventures.
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Staff Interview - Elise Lalique, UX et Product Designer chez OSS

Elise Lalique, UX et Product Designer chez nous, explique le processus de design et développement de produit unique chez OSS, et pourquoi la mission et le travail d’équipe d’OSS la passionne.
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Staff Interview - Baptiste Pinard, Chef de produit chez OSS

Découvrez ce que signifie être chef de produit chez 0SS à travers le point de vue de Baptiste Pinard, chef de produit depuis plus d’un an.
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Seeking product-market fit in Industry 4.0

Automi AI founder Galem Kayo shares what he found to be the key components to success for a startup in the Industry 4.0 space after refining proof-of-concepts for his own smart factory product.
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Reflecting on six months of startup studio, in manufacturing, in Europe

Six months after we launched our startup studio, we took a look at what we had learned so far. Our learnings included that our founders wanted meaning and unfair advantage by way of our network, and that when it comes to innovation in manufacturing, user reseach is key and operations solutions high in demand.
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Why we invested in (well, co-built) Mercateam

Vincent van Gogh's Factory at Asnière, Seen from the Quai de Clichy. Factories, and their workers, are finally getting the attention they deserve from the French people and government, and Mercateam is here to help blue collar workers and factory managers work in the best way possible.
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Why we invested in (well, co-built) MyC

In the midst of the COVID pandemic, we launched healthcare operations startup. This is the origin story of how MyC went from an idea to startup with funding and incredible sales growth thanks to the dedication of its founders and the OSS team.
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Why we fight

A typical big vendor ERP software claims to be the magical solution to transform a factory from traditional to Industry 4.0. But in reality, the money spent will result in a 48-month installation process with a 73% failure rate.
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