Why we fight

You could say this is George Bellows' Dempsey and Firpo. Or you could say it is OSS knocking out ERP, MES, and SAP IT solutions. You choose!

ERP, MES, SAP: these big vendor softwares have been the path to efficiency factories have implemented to digititalize. In reality, these IT solutions waste millions of euros and don’t deliver the flexibility or speed needed for European manufacturing to meaningfully advance.

A typical big vendor software claims to be the magical solution to transform a factory from traditional to Industry 4.0. But in reality, the money spent will result in a 48-month installation process with a 73% failure rate.

Beyond the cost in time and money to your company, the current approach to manufacturing has real environmental and socio-political consequences. Industry is responsible for 35% of all CO2 emissions. In high-cost countries, nationalism is a direct result of technological advancements pushing low-skilled workers out of their jobs. And in low-cost countries, delocalization has led to the use of literal slaves. 

We at OSS Ventures decided to do something about this. 

Our startup studio launches Industry 4.0 startups in Europe to help companies take control of their code. Instead of imposing a standard-issue software, we co-create the solutions with the end users in factories and our incredible startup founders. Our timeline to implement software is 48 hours, not 48 months! The flexibility and efficiency our startups provide ensure the factories we work with flourish in this digitalized world.

In short, we provide outsized value to manufacturers who want to change for good.

Over the last two years, we have visited more than 250 factories and identified a proven method for implementing Industry 4.0 solutions. We are more than 100 professionals now, and our products are live in over 200 factories.

In the next 10 years, European manufacturing must turn around its current decline, or become irrelevant on the world stage. We won’t settle for factories in which IT is synonymous with an old guy alone in a dark room full of servers. We won’t settle for factories in which blue collars have outdated technologies and cannot imagine digitization because it seems so impossible. Factories need to become cool again, to attract the technological talents who are choosing to work for startups rather than manufacturers. Most importantly, factories need to become a place where the brightest minds of our generation can thrive, and invent solutions to the challenges this world is throwing at us.

This is why we fight. Join us.