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January 24, 2022

The OSS Ventures Process: how we build startups

We’ve launched 10 successful startups in 3 years – thanks to our process.

We've talked about how we iterate products – but that is just a portion of our overall process.

First, we visit factories consistently to stay in touch with their current problems and what solutions they wish they had. These visits provide the data that decides what startup we launch next.

Once we've identified a problem many factories struggle with, we gather a group of factories who will help us co-construct the new startup’s product.

At about the same time we find our co-construction partners, we hire the CTO and CEO of the new startup. They help with the user research and co-construction phase (also called the product iteration process, which we discussed in yesterday’s post).

Completing the user research and building the startup's product takes about six months.

Because the CTO builds the startup’s product with support from OSS CTO Quentin Dubois, he or she is especially involved in the co-construction phase.

Meanwhile, the CEO works closely with OSS CRO Jean-Philippe Lorinquer, our Head of Sales Audrey Petro, and our growth team to build a client base for the fledgling startup.

Then, OSS invests in the company, providing an infusion of cash that allows the startup to make its first hires and cover other necessary expenses.

But, this isn’t goodbye between OSS and the startup!

OSS is proud to say we’ve maintained close relationships with EACH of our startups. We continue to support them in tangible and intangible ways. This includes cross-selling, providing marketing and growth expertise, and help fundraising.

By committing to maintaining relationships with and between our startups, we have created a strong, supportive, and successful community of entrepreneurs in manufacturing.